Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pazdar Aspen's Bite Grapefruit Wine (NY)

According to David Pazdar, Aspen, the family dog, may look like a cute little dog but she has quite a bite. And so the newest wine was named - Aspen's Bite.
What is Aspen's Bite - its a white wine made with grapefruit in it. It's got a wickedly fantastic nose of fresh squeezed grapefruit. And the taste is incredibly palate pleasing. It's a lovely white wine with a fantastic grapefruit flavor. And it has a nice touch of black pepper as well.
David has come up with some interesting wines in the past. He was the first to make a chocolate wine, and his line of pepper wines is one of the most popular at festivals throughout the state.
Despite my skepticism, this was a fantastic wine! Try it. It' really good!