Saturday, September 13, 2014

Honey Hollow Brewing - A New Farm Brewery in Earlton (NY)

According to their website, "We are a sub-nano, do it ourselves farm brewery located in Earlton, NY producing small batch hand crafted ales. Hone Hollow beers are made entirely of New York State ingredients and future home grown hops  from our garden"

Albany Times-Union beer writer, Greg Back wrote in November of last year, "I’ve been keeping an eye on this new farm brewery opening up in Earlton. If Albany Ale is the reawakening of the past, then the Honey Hollow Brewery is most certainly a sign of the future. Matty Taormina, Honey Hollow’s brewmaster, is ready to show his nanobrewery to the world. He joins The Beer Diviner as the second licensed farm brewery in the area, with Green Wolf Brewing still waiting on certification. For the opening, Matty has a honey lager brewed with local honey, a brown ale, a ruby red ale and Hurricane pale ale."

I couldn't agree more. Farm breweries are the wave of the future. And there are more and more of them popping up around the region. I first came into contact with them at a small beer fest at the Beer Diviner in Stephentown, NY. It was there that I first tasted their beers. These are good folks who make some very honest beers - and they drink nicely.

You can read the descriptions for yourself above. No nee for me to re-introduce them. But on the other hand, I can say that I liked all three very much. Very much. The Hurricane Pale Ale was a very, very drinkable pale ale. Went down easy. Very fun. The IPA had some pop to it. If you like IPA, then that's what you'll get. It has a lot of body, so it's not all just hops. There's some malt there, and lots of flavor. But its also very aromatic. Very. And lastly had to be one of my favorite beers from that day - a coffee porter. really, very lovely. Big, deep, dark, rich, like a cup of espresso, but with that chocolaty touch to it. Lots of malt. Gorgeous.

This stuff I definitely worth seeking out!!!! Great job, folks!