Thursday, August 21, 2014

Paradox Brewery - A Quality Small Brewery

OK, so I am behind in my reviews. So shoot me. I'm on a beer streak, so let's continue here. I love Paradox Brewing! There, I said it. I've been wanting to say it for a long time, but I hadn't got the chance. I tried them this early spring, at the Taste of Upper Hudson in Saratoga Springs, and I am way behind, if that doesn't give you the feel for how far behind I am, then there it is. It's almost August for God's sake! But I really loved Paradox Brewing!
Paradox Brewery opened in July 2013. It is located in Schroon Lake, NY in the Adirondack Park. Paradox has three partners. Paul Mrocka is an international pilot, allowing him the opportunity to taste beer from all over the world (not while flying - of course.) Paul met David Bruce , the second partner, around a campfire at Paradox Lake and they discovered a shared obsession with home brewing and beer. The third partner, Vaughn Clark owns the building the brewery occupies.

The building was formerly the old, South Schroon Lake Post Office. After, a year and a half the partners, their wives and friends finally completed the renovations, making the old building into a working brewery.

They offered several different beers, including a Pilsner, A Red Ale, and a Triple IPA.

I had the Paradox Pilsner. It's a Czech-styled lager, made with Pilsner and Caramel PILS malts, and finished with hops like Northern Brewer and Czech Saaz. This is a 4.5% ABV so it's an easy drinking beer. It's got some meat to it. It's got a nice flavorful body with a nice, crisp, refreshing finish. Good with food or just absolutely fine to drink alone.

I've heard more good things about Paradox since I tried them. And you should too!!!! Check 'em out. They are worth searching for. Especially if you're up in the Adirondacks or at a New York state beer festival.