Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's a Va La Life - A Few Friends and A Few Bottles at Va La Vineyards

(Disclaimer: I was not drunk. I wrote this story and then forgot to post it. Sincerest apologies to all involved. I realized I FB'd the photos but didn't file the story...LOL. Apologies. Great stuff as always from TheFarmer VaLa! - C. DeVito, Editor)
So, over the holidays, I decided to kill two birds, maybe three, with one stone and make a visit to Va La Vineyards! I wanted to visit the tasting room and buy some wine, I also wanted to see my friend Matt Wiesmantle (who brought along another friend for the ride), and we went down to Anthony Vietri (owner and farmer of Va La) and meeting us there were good friends Ed Liebowitz and Linda White and Stephen Giles. Ed and Linda are east coast wine collectors and experts.
The day looked like it might be a complete bust, since Va La is in a very little town and there was an accident less than a half mile from the winery entrance which caused stand still traffic jams ranging in effect from a few miles back up to as much as five miles. Such is the location and desirability of Va La that we persevered. I felt bad since Ed, Linda, and Stephen were already there waiting for us They had arrived just before the massive traffic build up. It seemed like it took an extra hour, but a half delay was not at all an exaggeration.

Finally we got there, and the folks at VaLa could not have been nicer, and Anthony settled us in with a fabulous dose of La Prina Donna, Anthony's magical white wine blend.

Anthony made the time to hang with us and walk us through his amazing line up!

There is no secret here...Anthony is one of the best winemakers of the east coast, and word has gotten out. For those who are skeptical about Pennsylvania wine, you must try Va La Vineyards. They are among the best wineries on the east coast. The wines are stellar. They join a growing list of winemakers making blends that will knock your sox off. If you like Boxwood or RdV, Slack or Black Ankle, you will fall in love with Va La. It' that good. I have sent the most hard core, cynical wine snobs to Va La, and no one has ever come back with anything but good things to say about the winery and Anthony's product. He is one of the people setting the new standard in Pennsylvania.


Everyone was impressed with the wines! You will be too.

We ended the tasting the only way we knew how - with Mahogany! Always exquisite! Fantastic.