Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Visit to the Beer Diviner in Stephentown, NY (NY)

So this last summer, there was a small wine and beers fest at The Beer Diviner. You didn't have to pull my arm to get me to go. The beer diviner is a funky place. Dr. Jonathan Post, a former English professor (you know I like him already) traveled to Africa and mad beer.
 As Jonathan tells it, "Back in 2002, I was invited to brew beer by the elders of the Dagara village of Dano in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Dano means "Good Beer" in Dagara. While sharing my first batch with the elders, I was asked to build a small brewery. On a second trip the shamans divined that I was to do beer divination. I asked what beer divinination was. "We don't know," they said, "there has never been a beer diviner in Dagaraland. In fact there has never been a man who made beer."" And there the story begins.
A trip to The Beer Diviner is never boring. There is always something unusual. For example he sells hand made African drums in his tasting room. One of my sons, a drummer, was most, most impressed. And of course he carries some other products made in the region, like Lake George Distilling, and several other brands from other folks.
The tastingroom at The Beer Diviner is quirky. I love the chalkboard wall, and the rustic shelving, and the good selection. And if there's a spot at the bar, you are in luck. Also love the fired-up wood stove in winter. Very fun!
No question, Got Your Back is among my favorite beers at The Beer Diviner. This is an Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Stout, cold brewed with Sumatra French decaf, Maris Otter floor malted Scottish malt and seven other malts, English Fuggles and Goldings hops. It's big and bold and dark and chewy, but with just enough hops too finish dry and refreshing. A tremendous beer.

The Divinator is a Double IPA styled beer. Big and amber, with lots of malt, it nonetheless has plenty of hops to keep the ending on the beer honest. If you are expecting a hop-monster of a beer this isn't it. It's big and malty. But there is enough hops to keep it clean. And this is not a small beer. It comes in at a whopping 11% alcohol! Not for the feint of heart. A big beer!

He also sells The Great Chocolate Wreck from Good Natured Brewing. That will be a separate review! Good stuff.


So, after sever tastes form the tap, I settled into a Got Your Back, and enjoyed the afternoon. And before I left I bought a few beers. Fantastic!! So much fun!!!! A great time.