Sunday, July 20, 2014

White Springs Estate Grown Pinot Noir 2011 (NY)

Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan. - proverb

White Springs Estate ha had a mixed history. It's owned by Carl Fribolin, who owned the White Springs Estate for many years but who sold the actual vineyard and production facility to Morten Hallgren of Ravines in 2012.  But Fribolin still operates the tasting room and sells the wine made from the farm. While at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in 2014, I happened upon the White Springs table and decided to try this and that. The thing that originally caught my eye was their new label.

This wine may have been harvested and first pressed by Derek Wilbur, the previous winemaker, who is now over at Swedish Hill. Morten knows his way around the winery and around the wine cellar. He knows about Pinot Noir. Morten unmistakably released it, and his finger prints are on it in a good way. In 2013, he appeared at No.33 on the prestigious Wine Spectator list of the world's 100 best wines. So you we might have two competent winemakers collaborating (for better or worse) on this wine.

This light dry red was delicate and distinctive. A light, light red wine, the nose exploded with strawberry and cherry, and whiffs of vanilla and spice. Nicely balanced between acidity and fruit and tannin and structure, this wine was beautifully balanced, and elegant. Very, very nice! A very good Pinot Noir.