Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Flag Hill Apple Cranberry (NH)

I like a good fruit wine from time to time. I was on a tear, doing some serious tasting at the Eastern Wineries Exposition 2014, when I spotted this Flag Hill Apple Cranberry fruit wine from New Hampshire.

Flag Hill Winery was established in 1995 with a first production run of 500 cases consisting of four types of wine. And the winery opened the next year in 1996. Their vineyard currently produces 6 varieties including North American grapes, such as Niagara, French Hybrid grapes such as Marechal Foch, De Chaunac and Vignoles, American Hybrid grapes such as Cayuga and their newest, the Minnesota Hybrid, La Crescent. The owner, winemaker, and vineyard manager work closely together as a team to ensure performance and future plans for the vineyard and winery are well aligned to put quality wines on our shelves.

Their philosophy at Flag Hill is to produce red and white wines that showcase some of the varieties of grapes that can be grown in NH. We invite you to try new and different grapes that you may have never heard of before, wines like De Chaunac, Marechal Foch, Cayuga White or Vignoles. Their goal? A tasty bottle of New Hampshire wine reflecting the true character of the Granite State.

Flag Hill Apple Cranberry wine is made from a blend of sweet New Hampshire apples and tart Massachusetts cranberries. Crisp, zesty and refreshing, this wine was a lovely, lovely wine perfect for a warm summer afternoon barbecue or backyard party. Fun and great for sangria!