Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Billsboro Winery - Some Places You Just Like to Go Back To

How many times have I been to Billsboro Winery? I can't even begin to count. But I know this - it's just one of those places that I love to back to. The tastingroom staff is friendly and professional. The tasting atmosphere is enjoyable. There's lot of chochkies and eye-candy in the tasting room to keep you entertained without being annoying. Oh, yeah, and the wines? Amazing!

I did this tasting sometime late last summer, so I am behind a bit, but the wines here are always fantastic, whatever time of year you go!
Billsboro Winery sits on 28 acres overlooking the northern end of Seneca Lake. Since 2007, Vinny and Kim Aliperti, along with their three children, embarked on a quest to create great dry wines from locally grown grapes.

Vinny Aliperti, Owner and Winemaker, has been hooked on winemaking for over 15 years. Starting out in the Hamptons of Long Island, he apprenticed for three vintages (1997- 1999) at Wolffer Estate under long-time winemaker Roman Roth, producing mostly Chardonnay and Merlot. In early 2000, Vinny moved his family to the Finger Lakes to work at the legendary Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard, where he was first exposed to Riesling production. In 2001 Vinny joined then startup Atwater Estate Vineyards, where he continues today heading up winemaking operations of over 15 different varieties. Vinny's winemaking style is often described as crisp and fruit-driven with a focus on creating intense but balanced wines. His dynamic approach has earned him praise both locally and nationally, including several write-ups in The Wine Spectator and New York Cork Report.

Kimberly Aliperti, Owner and Operations Manager, is a former Peace Corps volunteer and high school English teacher. She is especially devoted to children and is an active member in many civic organizations in the Geneva community. A long-time wine enthusiast, Kim was the impetus in moving forward to purchase Billsboro Winery in 2007. Kim puts her classroom and boardroom skills to work in juggling all the elements involved in running Billsboro, one of the Finger Lakes best destination's for wine tastings and special events.

So, the Sauvignon Blanc 2012 was absolutely fantastic. Big, bright, bold, clean, refreshing with a big hand of tropical fruits and citrus notes, this is a light, elegant wine with a great ending. A lovely food wine or a great sipper. Writing this now reminds me, I need to go up and pick up a bottle or two, despite the crappy winter weather...spring and/or summer is coming. And I'll want a few bottles of this.

I love Anthony's Pinot noir. And this 2011 was no exception. Beautiful bright cherry, in this light-to-medium bodied red wine. Great fruit and great acidity make this a lovely wine that finishes long. Grown on the southeastern slopes of Seneca Lake, it has a nice hint of pepper on the finish, with notes of vanilla and a hint of bright red currant? Fabulous! One of the nicest reds in the Finger Lakes region.

Anthony's Cabernet Franc is always lovely. Bright and medium-bodied ripe cherry, with hints of plum, hints of red raspberry, vanilla and anise. Beautiful Chinon-styled red wine.

This was a surprise. A beautiful medium-bodied blend of Cabernet and Syrah. Nice dark fruits of blackberry, dark cherry and dark raspberry. Lovely purple-reddish color. I love blends, and this is a perfect example why. Lots of lovely fruit, with no holes in the wine, which sometimes varietal wines will give you. This was a nice, big surprise at Billsboro. A very handsome wine that begs for grilled pork chops or a small steak, or a grilled Portobello mushroom. Beautiful. 

This is always one of my favorites. The fruit is grown at Sawmill Creek Vineyards They made less than 100 cases of this stuff. It's got a residual sugar of 19%. Honey, apricot, peach, and hints of fig all come across on the nose and in your mouth. A luscious, unctuous wine, with enough acidity to keep the sugar in check. Beautifully balanced.
Anthony remains amongst my favorite winemakers in the Finger Lakes.