Friday, April 25, 2014

Bartlett Estate Wild Blueberry Wine Oak Dry

Recently we had friend and fellow wine writer Todd Trzaskos visit us. He spends a lot of time in upstate New York and Vermont. He's a cold climate kinda guy who makes great wine in a cold climate. When I told him the best red wine north of Massachusetts was from Maine, he balked. That's when I pulled out a bottle Rob Bartlett's Wild Blueberry Wine Oak Dry red wine.
Barlett Estate has made lots of news in recent years with their very excellent distilled spirits, so I am a little behind there. But I refuse to let go the idea that Mr. Bartlett remains a national treasure in the midst of the National Witness Protection Program in the wilds of Maine. If he were in Belgium or France, he would be regarded as a national treasure. And I posit that he is here anyway!
Bartlett and Farnum Hill remain two of the best wineries (ok, one's a cidery) on the east coast. They are both evidence that professionalism, no matter where it flourishes, sets the pace. Both would be making quality wine whether they were in New England, Virginia, California, or Europe.
Anyway, my good friend Todd did not believe. So we needed to make him a believer. The wine is made from wild Maine blueberries, and is barrel-aged in a combination of oaks. This is an exceptional dry red wine. And if I told you it was red wine and didn't tell you it was made from blueberries, you would never know. It's one of the best red wines made in the northeast.
The first sip, Todd had a screwed up face. Then about the third sip, his eyes opened wide. He'd been expecting blueberry pie in a glass, instead he discovered a big, deep, red wine, with great fruit up front including blackberries, cranberries, and cassis with a great balance of acidity and tannins.
Another believer was born. Todd was in shock.
You need to try it! Become a believer!