Thursday, March 06, 2014

Presque Isle Eskimo Kisses 2011 (PA) (Video Review)

This review was conducted at the EWE 2014 Blogger Station. Participating panel included Hudson Cattell, Linda Jones McKee, Michael Kaiser, Martha Giomousis, Doug Fabbioli, and many others.

Presque Isle Wine Cellars produces and offers a wide array of wine varieties and styles to suit the range of our customer tastes. Under the leadership of Doug Moorhead and winemaker Kris Kane, they have consistently produced many award winning wines and the Presque Isle Wine Cellars brand is recognized as a quality leader in the region. They've been making award winning wines since the winery opened in 1968.

Presque Isle Wine Cellars produces many excellent traditional dry and semi-dry Vitis vinifera and French Hybrid varietal wines as well as some exceptional Ports and Dessert wines under their flagship Presque Isle Three-Sails label. They also serve our customers who prefer sweeter native Vitis labrusca based varietal wines and blends under our Creekside and Blue Heron labels.

Here's the tasting notes for this wine from Presque Isle for Eskimo Kisses 2012:
We’re fans of this dessert wine, made from Vidal grapes using our special process. This delicious ice style wine brings forth a nectar rich with aromas of honey and dried tropical fruit. Thick and sweet, this decadent concoction treats your mouth with a smiling golden finish.
This wine will tickle your nose and kiss your palate!
Total Cases: 218
Harvest Dates: October 2011
Vineyard: Jim Bartlett
Bottling Date: June 2012
Release Date: July 2012
Average Degree Brix at Harvest: 40.0
Titratable Acidity: 11.7g/L
pH at Bottling: 3.25
Alcohol Level: 12%
Residual Sugar: 16%
Blend/Composition: 100% Vidal
Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures
Yeast: EC1118
Aging: Stainless steel tank storage
Taste & Character
Acidity: High
Ageability: Long (Greater than 5 years)
Body: Full