Saturday, March 01, 2014

Magnanini Farm Winery & Restaurant - A Little Piece of Italy Here in the Hudson Valley

Magnanini Farm Winery is open daily from April to December. Reservations are usually needed for the restaurant, which has been a popular spot since the early 1980s. Going to Magnanini's is like stepping into another world - like your on vacation in Italy and you're at a fabulous Trattoria.
The story began in 1970 when Richard and Galba Magnanini, a father-son team, the Magnaninis sold their grapes to Brotherhood Winery. Then in 1983, they decided to open their own winery and restaurant. They produce six country wines including a Seyval Blanc and DeChaunac, and four hybrid blends that range from dry to sweet.
In spring and summer, you can stroll the vineyards, taste their wines and enjoy the beautiful countryside of the Hudson Valley region. Then, after visiting the Winery and tasting their wines, you can enjoy a fabulous dinner in their Winery Restaurant overlooking the picturesque vineyards. They offer a six course dinner, Northern Italian cuisine, served family-style in a European atmosphere. It's so much fun!!!
As much as I love Maganini's I've rarely reviewed their award-winning wines here on the blog (see one review below). But at the Hudson Valley Food and Wine Festival last fall, I was able to sample a whole bunch of their newest wines, so an opportunity presented itself.
Dechaunac - Not always a fan of Dechaunac, but this was a very nice one. Not too heavy, which is often the mistake with this variety. A nice, dry, light-to-medium bodied red.  Nice.   Rosso da Tavola is a nice blend of two French hybrids - Dechaunac and Chancellor. Big red berry and lots of spice. Great for fowl or game. Nice with a grilled steak or spicy pasta. The best red was absolutely the Rosso Riserva is the above blend of Dechaunac and Chancellor, two French hybrids. But the Riserva has been aged in oak, which gives this wine a nice structure. Its red berry and spice aromas match many foods such as grilled vegetables, poultry, and meat. I first had at the Hudson Valley Winemaker's BBQ in September of 2012. A lovely food wine.

Maganini's Seyval Blanc was lovely. One of my favorites. Made from a French-American hybrid, it is a well balanced, light white dinner wine. Dry with a lovely citrusy ending. A little lemon zest in there too. Very nice.

Bianco Amibile was one of my favorites as well. This is a blend of Seyval Blanc and Aurora. They cold fermented the wine to retain fresh fruit flavors. Fantastic. tropical fruits on the nose. a light, off-dry wine. Absolutely fabulous! Loved it!

The last thing I tried was their grappa...easily one of the best in the valley, or for that matter, on the east coast. Smooth. Easilly the least hard grappa I have ever had, but still plenty of kick, make no mistake about it. But easy drinking. Lovely nose. Impressive!!!
Make reservations now for April!! Magnanini's is an experience!