Sunday, March 09, 2014

Interview With Paul Vigna (Video Interview)

Paul Vigna is a well known and high regarded newspaper journalist and sports reporter with the Patriot News who has now moved on to bigger project within that organization. But Paul is unique. Aside from his incredible knowledge of state politics, national politics, an local and national sports, he is also a wine writer (can you begin to see why I like this guy so much?!)
Paul's beat is Pennsylvania and Maryland which he has covered like no one else in the country. He started a wine blog called the wine classroom which was excellent, but now it has dovetailed with the Patriot News.
You want the newest information on the region? Releases? Events? Governor's Cup results? Awards? Paul has it. And he's a very excellent blogger, who comes at it like a journalist. It's simply put one of the best wine blogs on the east coast!
I highly recommend reading Paul's blog!!!