Monday, March 10, 2014

Interview With Brad Martz, Winemaker at Whitecliff Vineyards (NY) (video interview)

While I was at EWE 2014, I happened to catch up with Brad Martz. Brad and I discussed Hudson Valley winemaking, getting the word out on east coast winemaking, and of course, what's new at Whitecliff Vineyards. Always good to talk to Brad!

Brad Martz is the winemaker at Whitecliff Vineyards! Owners Michael and Yancey Migliore have been expanding the winery at an massive rate, and the growth has been great not just for them, but for the valley as well.

Whitecliff is one of the most forward thinking wineries in the region, and the ascension of Martz bodes well. He has hands-on experience in harvest/fermentation, racking, production/blending, fining, filtering and bottling. I have experience producing still wine, sparkling wine, fortified wine and apple wine/cider. Responsibilities have included: working with farm management, pre-harvest estimates and analysis, harvest/crush operations, wine management, cellar/facility maintenance, bottling operations, laboratory operations and analysis, and maintaining winemaking and inventory records.

He's been a great addition to the valley!