Sunday, March 16, 2014

Farm Film Fest 2014 Features CRAFTING THE CIDER COMEBACK

I recently went to the Farm Film Fest at the Crandell Theatre, in Chatham, NY this past Sunday. While there, I saw a number of wonderful movies. One of the ones mot pertinent to me was Crafting the Cider Comeback which was produced by the Glynwood Center. A wonderful, short piece featuring so many of the Hudson Valley's leading cider figures including Sara Grady, Elizabeth Ryan,  Dan Wilson, Tim Dressel, Derek Grout, and many others. Also, a nice piece with Steve Woods from Farnum Hill in N.H. 

Crafting the Cider Comeback describes the reemergence of hard cider and other apple spirits specialty product manufacturing in the Hudson Valley. It highlights an exchange program with cider producers in France, where these products have long been part of everyday life.
About the filmmaker: Glynwood’s mission is to save farming by strengthening farm communities and regional land systems. Their goal is for small and mid-sized farmers to thrive, on the land and in the marketplace. Much of their work focuses on farming in the Hudson Valley.
Filmmaker: Glynwood Center | Run time: 5:13 | 2014
Here's the link to watch it online!