Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Eastern Wineries Expo 2014 - Grand Tasting Photo Albumn

A veritable who's who of East Coast winery celebrities are gathering in Lancaster this week. They were here from New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey and Virginia. All come to take part in EWE 2014. And of course it all starts off with the Grand Tasting Reception, where wines from all over the east were tasted. And there were a solid number of wine writers and bloggers there last night as well.

Richard Leahy

Mr. Fiore

Steve fromUnionville

Michel Kaiser

The Ferrante Bros. from Ferrante Winery

Howard Bursen from Connecticut

Dr. Gary Pavalis from Rutgers

David from Coastal Vineyards and Heidi from New Found Lake Vineyards
Greg from Winslow Vineyards

Steven Michael Giles

Jim from Jerram Vineyards

David Falchek and Michael Kaiser

Doug Fabbioli, center and Steve from Hauser on right

Wayne Stitzer from Connecticut

Paul Vigna

Joe Fiola's amazing Nouveau (best I have had in a long time!)

The Ladies from Four Sisters Winery in NJ.

Joe Fiola, from Maryland, surprised with some great wines again!

Peter from Jewell Towne in Connecticut

A great many toasts were made! A great night of great wines and great friends!