Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Dr. Konstantin Frank Rkatsiteli 2012 (Video Review)

This review was conducted at the EWE 2014 Blogger Station. Participating panel included Hudson Cattell, Linda Jones McKee, Michael Kaiser, Martha Giomousis, and many others.

Congratulations to Fred Frank for a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Eastern Wineries Exposition 2014. He accepted the award at the Lancaster Convention Center, ballroom gala which was also used as a fundraising venue to raise money for wine education. Fred has been a steadying factor at Dr. Konstantin Frank. Under his direction, the winery has grown in stature, reputation, and size. He was very humble, siting his grandfather Konstantin and his father, Willy, and the subsequent generations following him. Congrats to Fred!!!

One of the oldest vinifera grape varieties known to man, Rkatsiteli is an elegant dry wine presenting a bouquet of fresh flowers and herbs balanced with wonderful fruit and crisp acidity. A fun, fun wine that continues to grow in reputation.