Saturday, March 01, 2014

Blair Vineyards Offer Runners a New Option (vineyard races becoming popular events) (PA)

Run the Vineyards // Photo via Facebook
More and ore wineries are offering their vineyards and grounds as curses to running clubs to offer a winery run and complimentary tasting. And runners are responding. Up by me, Brookview Station Winery (NY) and Furnace Brook Winery (MA) have both worked with local runner's clubs to offer vineyard races. Run the Vineyards is a popular campaign in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Heritage Vineyards (NJ also participated in Run the Vineyard). Seems Blair Vineyards bellow has really solidified a solid event.
- C.. DeVito, editor

Second Race Day Added for Sold Out Yoga/Running/Obstacle Course Race (with Wine Tasting!)
By Emily Leaman | February 21, 2014 at 10:22 am  

Y’all really know a good thing when you see it, eh? Two weeks ago, when I posted about the new Run the Vineyards 3.2.1. Challenge coming to Kutztown’s Blair Vineyards on July 13th—a race that combines a yoga session with an obstacle course and wine-tasting at the finish line—our readers pretty much went bananas. In fact, I ran into race director Ken Culbertson at an event last night and he said the Challenge, a first-time event for his race management company, Good Day for a Run, sold out in 10 days. Now that’s impressive people.

He also mentioned that due to high demand, his crew has decided to open up a second race day for the 3.2.1. Challenge to accommodate more runners. The added race will actually occur the day before, on Saturday, July 12th.

(Note: I’m sure when you click through to the race site you’ll notice that there are registration options for both the new Saturday and original Sunday races, and you’ll be all, “WTF, Emily? The Sunday race isn’t even sold out, you liar.” Well, here’s what happened: When Ken opened up registration for the Saturday race, about 50 runners from the then-sold-out Sunday race asked if they could switch days. So, he bumped them up a day, and reopened registration for Sunday to fill the now-available 50 slots. So, there.)

The new Saturday race will work exactly like the original: Participants will start off with an in-the-vineyards yoga practice, then segue into a hilly two-mile run with agility obstacles along the way. After all that work, you’ll be greeted by wine-tasting tables at the finish line.

And instead of another T-shirt, participants will walk away with a 3.2.1 Challenge yoga mat. Registration is currently $40, but will rise to $45 as the race gets closer. (If, you know, it hasn’t sold out by then.) Get more info and sign up here.
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