Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vignoble Le Mernois: Cote d'Alban and Florisca (CA)

I first discovered Vignoble Le Mernois while attending the Taste Camp 2013 in Quebec, Canada, sponsored by the New York Cork Report and organized by Remy Cherest and many others. They were among some of he wineries at the first day's Grand Tasting. I immediately liked what they did.
Vineyard Mernois was established on a reclaimed tobacco farm, about 45 minutes from Montreal. The Vineyard Mernois took root in 2004. The farm is rich in sediment left by the passage of the Champlain Sea. Established in 2004 with 5600 vines, the Vineyard Mernois continued its expansion adding 4,500 new vines in 2007. Their selected cultivars are hardy and can withstand the northern climate of the beautiful region of Lanaudière . In 2010, the expansion continued with the addition of another 4,500 new plants including 200 Merlot vines.
Consultant Jean Berthelot, a well known Quebec winemaker, allowed the owners to develop a good range of wines including: Holes of Phine (red wine), Côte d' Alban (white wine), Florisca (rosé) Terratabac (red wine) and others.

Since April 2013, four new owners took over the operations of the winery, including Annie Pronovost, Éric Gagnon, Myriam Pelletier, and Alain Vallières. Under the guidance of a new winemaker, Jeremiah D' Hauteville, they envision a future brighter for the vineyard.

Leveled and converted in the 1960s to produce tobacco, the Alban coast (Cote d'Alban) was once the delight of winter sledding and skiing. This collection of memories and stories fed their first vines. While it is a white blend it is a blend of two different strains of Seyal Blanc. This wine has a pale yellow color. It is a light styled, white wine, with big citrus notes such as lemon and grapefruit. It leaves a refreshing pucker on the mouth. Immensely refreshing.  Great acidity. Absolutely lovely!
Florisca is a bright salmon pink colored rose'. It has a big, beautiful nose with lots of floral notes, and a big wallop of strawberries. A lovely rose' with lots of zippy acidity, and a nice refreshing finish. A wonderful wine, perfect for sipping. A lovely wine for a lazy afternoon or a light dinner.

Two lovely wines from Vignbole Le Mernois!