Monday, January 20, 2014

Finger Lakes Distilling Offers The Whiskey Seminars Feb 13 thru April 10, 2014

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Whiskey 101: The Whiskey Seminars 

Finger Lakes Distilling is excited to announce our Winter Seminar Series, Whiskey 101. These 3 sessions will give an in-depth look at whiskey making from its earliest stages to the award winning products being produced at Finger Lakes Distilling today.
Each session includes soup or chili created with McKenzie whiskey & sandwiches inspired by our long list of spirits.
*A Whiskey 101 diploma will be awarded to participants that attend all three sessions.
Session 1: The History of Whiskey  - Thursday, February 13

From the primitive stills of the 13th century, this session will trace the history of whiskey to Bourbon County, Kentucky. Learn about the first "moon shiners" in Scotland and the development of whiskey in America. Understand the terms: grain and single malt whiskeys, blended and cask strength whiskeys and more. Learn how the major distilleries of Kentucky and Tennessee differ from the many growing craft distilleries of today.

Session 2: The Making of Whiskey  - Thursday, March 20

Spend time in the still room and learn how whiskey is actually made: from whole grain, to flour, to mashing, to fermenting, to distilling. Learn about yeast making, the sour mash process, fermenting, setting the proof, and all aspects of whiskey making before the white dog hits the barrel. Learn the differences between the world's whiskey's: Irish, Scottish, Canadian, and American whiskeys.

Session 3: Cask Aging and More  - Thursday, April 10

The last session will be held in the barrel room. An in-depth description of barrel aging will take place, including the making of the modern whiskey barrel. The session will also include time on the bottling line to see how the actual product is hand bottled at FLD. Get a chance to bottle your own whiskey.