Monday, August 12, 2013

Richard Leahy: Finger Lakes Notes for the Region - Fantastic!


Richar Leahy, author of BEYOND JEFFERSON'S VINES, has published a series of tasting notes for the Finger Lakes. These are easily the most extensive and thorough tasting notes on the region in many, many years!!! Covers more than 20 wineries! Absolutely fantastic coverage!!! Enjoy!!!! - C. DeVito, Editor

Summer 2013 Adventures. Act I: The Finger Lakes

Each summer I try to escape the humid torpor of Central Virginia for the less humid Finger Lakes, “centrally isolated” in upstate New York and only four hours or so of driving straight north. Here are deep, cool glacial lakes, idyllic farmland, and world-class wines with wineries so thick in some stretches of lakeside road you can’t swing a cat without hitting one. I also have some good friends and many industry acquaintances there and it’s always a kick to taste what’s new and exciting.

Since I lived on east Seneca Lake in 2001, the scene has grown incredibly, not just in the number of wineries but in the diversity of alcoholic beverages on offer. There are now breweries, cideries and even distilleries in addition to the wineries. There’s even a cheese trail, and the Hazlitts of Sawmill Creek Vineyard (selling wine grapes directly to the wineries) has even introduced a non-alcoholic “verjus”, a refreshingly tart seasoning agent for martinis, club sodas and as a vermouth substitute, made from unfermented, underripe clusters of cabernet franc.

Summer 2013 Adventures. Act I: The Finger Lakes
The Great Northern Wine Country Tour, Summer 2012. Part 3: The Finger Lakes, New York

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