Saturday, June 01, 2013

Glutenberg Belge de Sasion 2013 - Magnificent (CA)


So at Taste Camp 2013 in Quebec, we did a beer tastign night in Montreal. Six to eieight berries were there, sampling their wares. Many of them were fabulous, but one experience really stood out for me….Glutenberg Imperial Blonde Ale.

OK, so let’s start off with….who in the heck is Glutenberg?

The Glutenberg brand of gluten-free beers is produced by Canadian brewery Brasseurs Sans Gluten (BSG). The Montreal-based brewery began operatins only last July but has received a number of accolades for their gluten-free beers. Their American Pale Ale won a Silver medal at last year's World Beer Cup held in San Diego.

I am not a beer expert by any stretch, but here’s what had to say: “New on the market of gluten free beers, BSG, which means Beer without gluten in French, opened their brewery in 2010. If celiac disease is a true concern then you might appreciate the fact that this brewery is the only one in Canada with a gluten free facility meaning zero cross contamination certified. Their brewery is without a doubt an admirable vocation, but their beer, having been on the market for only a couple of years, has proven to be somewhat difficult to get outside of Quebec and not too many people seem to be aware of their product.”

According to Glutenberg, “Our ambition was to brew the best gluten-free beers. In our enthusiasm, we created some of the world's best tasting beers, period. Gold, Silver & Bronze at the 2012 World Beer Cup. Our ambition was to brew the best gluten-free beers. In our entthusiasm, we created some of the world's best tasting beers, period. Glutenberg beers are made from 100% gluten-free ingredients and are certified 0.00 PPM. They are brewed by BSG, an international award-winning brewery based in Montreal, Canada.”

Now, I tasted the first three beers, which were all really, really good. And all were gluten free. These were really amazing beers. But don’t take my word for it. Stephen Beaumont, one THE beer authorities in the world, recommends Glutenberg in his upcoming book, THE POCKET BEER GUIDE which he co-authored with Tim Webb. The line-up is tastey as it is good for you.

So, we tasted down the line, and then we came to the kicker….Glutenberg Belge de Sasion 2013. In talking to the brewmaster, the idea behind this beer was to make a blonde Imperial stout. At 7% it’s not officially an imperial stout, but tasting is believing. A complex floral citrusy brew with lots of exotic flavors and lot of spices. It was an amazing experience. 

And Glutenberg is the real thing!