Friday, May 03, 2013

Spencerville Red Hard Apple Cider from Colesville, MD Wow! (MD)

So we were at Drink Local Wine 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland, and we happened to be in the hospitality suit after everything was one the first night. People had changed from their more respectable clothes into t-shirts and shorts. People were trying other wines an having a fun time. It’s always the best part of any of these kinds of get togethers. Wine people love to try new wines, etc.
So, during the evening, someone started pouring Spencerville Red Hard Apple Cider.
Spencerville Red come from the apples at Heyser Farms, in Colesville, MD.
The Heyser Family came to the Americas in the person of William Heyser I in 1740 from Amsterdam who became a merchant and coppersmith in Hagerstown, Maryland. The first of his four children, William Heyser II, known as the “banker” of the family, bought tracts of land on which the family began to farm, along with attending many other enterprises. (As a note, his third child, Judith, married Capt. Thomas Quantrell, and was grandmother to Wm. Clarke Quantrell, the Civil War Guerrilla.) William Heyser III took over the estate and eventually divided it between two sons, John Henry Heyser (b. 1813) 170 acres, and Captain George Frederick Heyser (born 1815), receiving 206 acres.
Suffice to say, many Heysers went into agriculture over the intervening centuries all in an around Pennsylvania and Maryland. The current farm was established in 1946. In 2009, as in 1809, Heyser Farms is still a small family farm. Carlton E. Heyser, Jr. (Mike) is the principle operator of the farm and is helped by his wife, Andrea,  and three children, Daniel, Carla and Garrett. Also helping are non-family employees that are very special to the farm.
According to the website: Spencerville Red is Heyser Farms' very own apple - it's so good we got a patent on it! We typically have Spencerville Red in late October until we sell out. It has a tangy flavor when first picked, then sweetens in storage. This apple is unusual because it has both a high acid and a high sugar content - that's what gives it that distinctive and memorable flavor. It's also a crisp apple - imparting the wonderful fall apple crunch we all love. When used for cooking, it retains its great flavor and texture. Spencerville Red apple pies are blue ribbon winners at area county fairs….
Anyway, so someone comes around and pours this cider into my glass while I am chatting away. I continue my conversation, and then eventually, take a sip. WOW! Fantastic! Sweet but tart, with amazing apple flavor. Amazing!!!!

The most interesting thing was this: Everyone in the room was quicky asking if there was any more left! And when someone produced another bottle, a cheer went up in the room. These are writers, bloggers, etc. Weary tasters. But not where this cider was concerned.

This is a great, refreshing, zingy cider. Fantastic!