Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paumanok Savignon Blanc 2012, Hundred Acres, and Old Friends

So it is BEA week. To the uninitiated, Book Expo America is the national trade show for the book industry. People come in from all over the world to meet and greet….and sell. And BEA is in NYC this week. So it’s like old timers week. You see people you haven’t seen all year. You see people you worked with a couple years ago, or maybe 20 years ago….yes, I am that old.

Anyway, went out to dinner with a whole bunch of friends from past jobs last night at Hundred Acres. From a spacious front room a series of French Doors open to SoHo's MacDougal Street. We had a seat at the bar and enjoyed a few cocktails as we awaited our dinner with food  created by Marc Meyer and Chester Gerl.  Hundred Acres' has fresh food, hip vibe and solid staff. The bartenders were harried, and could have been a touch nicer, but otherwise service was very solid.

We enjoyed fabulous appetizers, and then contemplated the dinner. Three of our group were having fish, and I was having shrimp with grits. I need at least one bottle of white wine with this crowd, and then a switch over to red. I chose the Paumanok Vineyards 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.

According to my friend Michael Gorton of Undertaking Wine (who recently went over to New York Cork Report), as he wrote about the 2011 vintage, [Paumanok] “is a staple on many a table at summer picnic’s and dinner tables.  It will not disappoint and already, it has me craving scallops. The nose brings grapefruit, lemon, fresh cut grass and fresh cut herbs.  Melon, think honeydew and some tropical notes.  There was a hint of gooseberry on the nose, but after a few hours open, it disappeared. The palate was packed with more lemon than grapefruit with a bit more herbaceous showing.  Ocean water salinity and fresh rain minerality rounded out the palate. Bright clean acidity was most noticeable, which made we want some shellfish.  Moderate lemony clean finish with hints of grapefruit and herbs.”

I know it sounds like a cheap out, but the 2012 Sauvignon Blanc tasting notes would not be far from the notes above. The wine was fresh, clean, bright, with a big beautiful nose, and a zippy finish. The acidity provided the perfect pop with which to finish the wine. I can guarantee, none at my table would have chosen a New York state wine, but all were thrilled with the offering.

It was a fantastic dinner, especially with old friends. And the Paumanok, like another old friend from a different circle, fit right in. A very elegant, refreshing, delicious wine. It was good seeing old Paumanok.

p.s. the restaurant was too dark to shoot the damn label, so I borrowed this photo from Empire Cellars in Long Island where you can buy the wine! 

Read Michael Gorton’s post at: