Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Friday, July 17, 2009

Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars 76 West 

Mark Wagner's Lamoreaux Landing has won as many awards as Hills Bros. has coffee beans. Their whites are exceptional. They do their reds on the light side. It's a style thing with them. Fresh, light, and fruity. And critics and the general wine buying public seem to be buying. Big!

I started off with a Pinot Noir that was almost a rosato (or the color of a dark rose). It had strawberries on the nose and was quite quaffabe. Very nice.

The Estate Red was a light bodied and fruit forward wine that delivers cherry flavors with hints of smoke and tobacco. Soft tannins. Nice acidity.

But one of the biggest shocks was 76 West a meritage that blew me away. Lots of oak and tannin forming the backbone of a dark ruby wine with dark and bright cherries. Smooth finish. An excellent red wine. Excellent!