Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eastern Wineries Exposition 2013 A Success!

Well, another trip down to Pennsylvania in March come and gone, and what happened this year?
We EWE continues to be my favorite show. Firstly, there’s real working sessions. It was the first show where I intended to spend more time really soaking up the workshops and round tables than I spent on the show floor. Yes, I did spend money, but the real value in the show was in the seminars.
Where Eastern Wineries Exposition excels as a show, it is in Richard Leahy’s ability to blend extension agent science with winemaker practical know-how. Great talks by Chris Gerling, etc. were very valuable, as he and Denise Garner talked about the chemicals reactions in various wine situations. But the winemaker round tables are absolutely invaluable.

This year, Leahy put together a tasting of Seyval Blanc, Traminette, and Riesling. The idea was to incorporate hybrids and vinifera into the same conversation, tackling wine making issues with high acidity whites. Freakin’ brilliant. One from Texas, one from the Hudson Valley, one from Virginia, and one from New England. Each winemaker talked about problems they had, techniques or equipment they used, what yeasts or oak treatments, or cooling treatments, etc. I thought it was incredibly valuable!
Solid seminar too on Facebook and Tweeting. Great talk by Peter Bell from Fox Run. Great seminar or oxidation of white wines. Hard cider day was also highly lauded.  Great, practical seminars for winemakers and winery owners.
And saw lots of folks as usual.

Seven Mountain won the Pennsylvania Governor's Cup 2013!


The Eastern Winery Exposition (EWE), which took place March 6-8 at the Lancaster County Convention Center in downtown Lancaster, PA, persevered over a regional snow storm to experience a increase in both booth sales and show registration over 2012. EWE 2013 had 174 exhibitors, up from 134 in 2012 or 28%, and 1063 winery and vineyard attendees, up 17% from 934 last year. Accordingly, the exposition will likely become the largest such trade show and conference for the wine industry on the East Coast.
The Eastern Winery Exposition is an Eastern-focused wine industry trade show and conference designed to provide the Eastern U.S. and Canadian wineries and vineyards with an easily accessible, low-cost professional meeting with a large number of winery and vineyard suppliers, at the right time of year. A strong conference program featured 22 sessions plus a half-day workshop on hard cider Friday 3/8, and 37 speakers. The exhibit hall featured 174 suppliers relevant to our region’s business of wine making, networking events, and sponsorship by 18 state and regional associations are all integral components of EWE.


The Second Annual Eastern Industry Celebration Dinner and Award Ceremony took place Wednesday 3/7 and honored Douglas Moorhead of Presque Isle Wine Cellars with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work laying the foundations of today’s post-Prohibition Pennsylvania wine industry with spearheading legislation for small family wineries, as well as his own winery and winemaking supply businesses.

Eastern Winery Exposition brings together the combined expertise and experience of Bob Mignarri (Show Manager), Richard Leahy (Conference Manager), and events professional Marcia Gulino (Operations Manager) and two knowledgeable and actively engaged advisory boards. Bob has over 30 years of successful trade show management experience and has earned a reputation among exhibitors as someone who recognizes and understands their needs and concerns. Richard Leahy is a renowned wine industry expert with 16 years of experience in developing quality conference programs.

Explains Show Manager Bob Mignarri, “When I began the planning for the Eastern Winery Exposition, I wanted to create a focused trade show and conference that would bring the Eastern wine industry together at a central location, in a first class facility, yet at an affordable cost. Furthermore, I wanted to cultivate an atmosphere where wineries and vineyards would feel that this show is truly their event."