Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Really Nice Wines from Anthony Road (NY)

Anthony Road is one of the more well-known Finger Lakes wineries, with distribution in a number of states. And their tent at Union Square Green Market in New York City has been a landmark for a least a generation of young Manhattanites.

John Martini and his wife are the owners. John is an interesting guy, who has truly been one of the driving forces behind Finger Lakes wine. He’s a no-nonsense guy, but he’s also a lot of fun, with a wry wit. It’s difficult for his to sit too long without something funny coming out of his mouth. But don’t let that fool ya, he’s a very smart and successful business man.
I had the opportunity during the course of the fall to try their Anthony Road Pinot Noir 2010 and their Cab Franc 50% Lemberger 50% 2010.
The Pinot noir 2010 was a big bowl of bright cherry and plum, with hints of vanilla and spice. Nice acidity and good tannins gave the wine a nice structure. The wine was easy to drink and smooth on the finish. A very, very quaffable Pinot Noir, that would be great with cheeses or with dinner.

Always skeptical of Lemberger (please, I beg, change to Blaufrankish…LOL!), I approached the bottle with trepidation. Good Lemberger/Blaufrankish is quite lovely. But bad Lemberger stinks almost as much as the arcane Wisconsin cheese it might be confused with.
Let me reassure you, this is not the later….this was good wine. Nice hints of bright cherry, raspberry, and plum dominate the nose, with hints of lavender and spice. There’s no question, the Cab Franc comes through here, and adds the classic structure one expect from a good red wine….and this is a good red wine. Nice tannins give this wine a nice ending, and you keep tasting the fruit long after you’ve stopped sipping. A very nice table red!

Nice stuff from the folks at Anthony Road.