Friday, February 15, 2013

Jonathan Edwards Chardonnay 2008 (CT)

Last fall I opened up a bottle of Jonathan Edward Chardonnay 2008. Jonathan Edwards is a bi-coastal winemaker, who makes wine in California and Connecticut. Located down in the south east corner of the state, not far from Mystic, Jonathan Edwards is as pretty a winery as you will find in New England.

Set among the rolling Connecticut hills, the bright white farm buildings stand in beautiful contrast to smart, well-made stone walls, and there are row after gorgeous row of beautiful vines. I have always opined, see well-kept vines, and you will taste great wine.  Jonathan is among my favorite batch of winemakers in the state, and his wines are excellent.

I pulled this wine out of my wine cellar sooner than I had intended. This was in my stockpile of New England/East Coast wines to cellar for a while. Not so. I broke down one warm day this past fall, dying to try a clean, beautiful white wine. And did I ever.

Crisp and bright, with pears and green apples, this wine was, as ever, a revelation. The acidity was solid, and kept the fruit fresh, and the mineral of the rolling Connecticut farm hills came forth nicely.

A really, really lovely wine!