Saturday, February 02, 2013

Inspire Moore Red Wines from the Finger Lakes!!!

Tim Moore is a ubiquitous presence on the festival scene. His winery, Inspire Moore, is at every event I go to! Their branding and their wine blending is unique and fun! Tim's been in the wine business for years, and is well known throughout New York state. He can be extremely helpful. He knows everyone and is happy to make introductions, as well as facilitate dealings for smaller wineries, etc. Consultant, winemaker, entrepreneur, Tim is especially popular in the Finger Lakes, where he has a large and loyal cadre of friends, many of whom he has done business with over the years. Everyone always has a good Tim story, whether its because he has lent a helping hand in some way, or because of something slightly more raucous!
Tim and his wife Diane Moore bring over 15 years of winemaking and grape-growing experience in the Finger Lakes to Inspire Moore.  They met at the University of California at Davis, where Tim was studying Enology and Diane, International Relations.  The dream of starting a winery was always a part of their vision from the time they met, through all five of their children, and then finally a reality. Today, they live in Naples, New York, home to both their busy family and their winery.
So, as we all know, I'm behind in my postings. These were wines I had in early autumn, and I am behind, so my apologies to the Moores!
However, the thing is, Tim and Diane make drinkable reds, which is everything you need to know. And they choose and idea and fun way to bring their message across.
Ok, so the first one I tried was Change Blaufrankish 2010. This is 100% Blaufrankisch. We all know I am still skeptical about Bluafrankish....but at least they use the word Blaufrankish, and not that hideous Lemberger name. The wine was fermented in New York oak Puncheons, and then aged 6 months in oak. This is a delicious light, dry red wine. It features fresh light raspberries and strawberries up front, with soft tannins, nice acidity, and a hint of smokiness. It's a lovely wine, very much in a Beaujolais kind of way.
Next was Truth Red Table Wine 2010. This is a lovely, medium bodied dry red wine, more in a European style. It's a Meritage blend of 25% Merlot, 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 13% Cabernet Franc. The wine was aged for 16 months in European and select American oak. Up front we have stewed dark fruits like blackberry, dark cherry, and dark raspberry. The acidity is nice, and the tannins are firm, making this a more sophisticated wine. Very classic in its structure. This is not that expensive, and a great wine to serve to friends for a more elegant dinner. Extremely nice and drinkable!

Then came my favorite....Synchronicity Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. I've had this wine before. It's an incredible and huge blend of Syrah and Cab Sav. As Tim and Diane say on their website: "This could be called a Syrah but we added some Cabernet Sauvignon to the three barrels that we made of this wine.  Synchronicity has become our Syrah base red and percentages vary with vintage." The blends may have changed, but the impression this wine has made on me over the pat three years has been incredible. Its the wine I always go to when I see Tim at a festival! This is a big fruit bomb of a wine more in a California style, with huge notes of deep dark raspberry, blackberry and a big dollop of sweet black currant. Also, hints of spice at the end. For all your friends who say they only like California, this is the wine to get them to taste. Always a wine to impress with for those who doubt New York wine.
The Moores make wonderful, drinkable red wines, which is the number question people always ask me about regarding the Finger Lakes. These folks will inspire you to drink more Finger Lakes red wines.....promise!
Great stuff, congrats Tim and Diane!