Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Comb Vodka (NY)

Comb Vodka is an artisan spirit distilled from honey. Most vodka is made from corn, wheat or potatoes. The owners believe that the vodka they produce is only as good as what goes into it, so they start their process by making a wonderfully light and dry honey wine.

Why do they use honey? Honey is expensive, it’s hard to work with and fermenting it can be difficult. So, why do they use it? Honey, like different grapes for wine, can provide a number of varietal options. Their honey is made from orange blossoms which contributes its unique character and allows them to create a perfectly balanced spirit.

Laura and Ed make Comb. Ed left corporate America and, relying on their savings and Laura’s economic and emotional support, he spent a year conducting wine making experiments, taking distillation classes in California and working in a small winery and distillery in Cognac, France. After much research and hard work, they found the right varietal honey and yeast combinations and the precise distillation technique to create an incredible honey based vodka they call Comb.

Ed claims he gets it right the first time. They get concerned when we hear how many times vodka has been distilled. Four times, six times, nine times?! Continued heating of the alcohol can introduce undesired flavors and have an adverse affect on the final product. Fred distills the honey wine concentrate precisely and gently to capture its essence and character.

Comb has hints of orange as promised. It's got a big smooth round flavor. Really great mouth feel. One can absolutely see numerous vodka drinks made with his wonderful distillate. Smooth. Great on ice, or as a vodka martini. A very, very nice drink.

Alcohol: 80 Proof, 40% ABV Size: 750ML

2010 Gold Medal, 90 Points – Beverage Testing Institute Silver Medal – New York International Spirits Competition
2011 Silver Medal – San Francisco International Spirits Competition 92 Points – Wine Enthusiast