Sunday, January 13, 2013

Corey Creek Vineyards Gewurztraminer 2010 (NY)

Corey Creek was a wonderful winery. They were bought by Bedell Cellars and the label all but disappeared. Wish they would do more with it. But I am eternally grateful that they keep making Corey Creek Gewurztraminer. Recently we just had the 2010 vintage.

Dominique made a giant bowl of fresh mussles and pasta with butter, garlic, and fresh cut parsley. It was so absolutely aromatic!!! We were watching the 49ers/Packers playoff game.

We decided to go against type, and try it with a chilled bottle of Gewurztraminer. The wine was incredibly fragrant. Tropical fruits....and explosion of beautifulflavors.

The wine was bright, light, and delicious. A nice grapefruit-y ending. A wonderful, wonderful wine. Easilly one of the best on the east coast. A wine that could compete with any Gewurtz from anywhere.

If you don't have a bottle - shame on you. It's a massive treat!