Saturday, January 26, 2013

Berkshire Bourbon Whiskey (MA)

OK, so lately I've been on a bourbon kick. I've been trying a lot of them. And I've been hanging out with Clay Risen, a whiskey expert, trying hooch from all around the country, along with his editors! It's been a lot of fun.

But of course, I pride myself on drinking local. Not that I don't imbibe wines, beers, and spirits from such far off lands as Kentucky, but I try to keep it local. Thus, when I started to get my local bourbon jones goin' I decided to try some Berkshire Bourbon Whiskey. Especially since it's right over the state line from where I live!

The corn used for this spirit is grown two miles from the distillery itself. It's done in small batches, is finely cut, and aged in American white oak. It's got a wonderful smokey quality to it. And it has hints of sweetness in the nose, with a whiff of Cap'n'Crunch....but that's a good thing with bourbon!

The sweetness and the cereal come through. It's very, very nice, and goes down real easy...not too much of a burn at all.

Fantastic straight or on ice! Also perfect to make for an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan!!!

Great job to the folks at Berkshire Distilling!!!