Thursday, January 17, 2013

4JGs Outer Coastal Plain Chambourcin 2007

4JGs is one of my favorite New Jersey producers. Located in Colts Neck, it's a picturesque setting, with great wines. These folks know how to make wonderful wines. Dominique was making one of her most famous dishes - Pumpkin Pasta which is made with unsweetened pumpkin puree, lots of garlic, hot Italian sausage and lots of pepper. And we were in the mood for a sturdy red. Chambourcin is a late-ripening French Hybrid grape ideally suited for Eastern wine growing regions. It produces a wine with intense purple color and spicy, herbal flavors. Chambourcin's generous, full flavours of blackberry, nutmeg and herbs make it excellent for dishes that would traditionally be partnered by red wine: beef, lamb, and red-sauced pasta. It seemed like it would be the perfect accompaniment. First we nibbled on some Parmesan cheese. And then I opened the wine.
The 4JGs Outer Coastal Plain Chambourcin started off with big whiffs of a dark berry cobbled and with whiff of cherry, mocha, and other spices. It's deep red-purple color was gorgeous. Aged in oak, the wine had a smoothness one would expect from a big red. There was good fruit up front, nice acidity and decent tannins. This is a good, complex, big red. Truly a red worth seeking out. Wonderful!