Monday, September 10, 2012

Warwick Valley Releases Black Dirt Bourbon

As you know, I am a long time fan of Warwick Valley's pproducts. The quality is high and the imagination to keep pushing the brand is there.. Jason Grizzanti an Jeremy Kidde are a pwerhouse, in the Hudson Valley, or anywhere else in NY state or the east coast for that matter. It's proved to be a solid duo who has delivered at every next step they've taken. Their success is a success for the Valley too!

Their newest brainchild is Black Dirt Bourbon. They released it with a party at the winery on September 7, 2012. It's 70% corn and 30% roaasted barley, and it's smells amazing! Lot's of cereal, sweetness on the nose, but the bourbon delivers on taste!

I had a tug at the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival 2012! Fantastic! What an incredible elixir! Awesome!

Great job, guys!