Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hudson Valley Announces New Cassis Website

The Hudson Valley wine scene is starting to emerge with several passionate and great stories…none of which is more exciting than the making and selling of quality artisanal cassis and black currant wine. In association with FALL IN LOVE WITH HUDSON VALLEY WINE campaign ( this new website celebrates one of the hottest trends in the Valley - cassis.

According to wikipedia, “Crème de cassis is a blood-red, sweet, blackcurrant flavored liqueur, and is an ingredient of kir or a kir royale, both of which are considered an apéritif. The modern version of the drink first appeared in the Burgundy region in 1841, displacing “ratafia de cassis” from prior centuries. It is made from blackcurrants crushed into refined alcohol, with sugar subsequently added. While crème de cassis is a specialty of Burgundy, it is made in other cities of France, as well as in Luxembourg and Quebec.” It is also made in the northeast, especially after the folks at the Cornell Extension, and other agricultural extensions in New England, have extolled the berry’s virtues for many years.

Currants, red and black, are winter hardy, and not susceptible to many of the diseases that plague grapes. A great crop for cold weather regions. So the untapped currant crop was good news for winemakers and consumers. As a result, numerous northeast wineries have a quality currant fruit base to draw from, and thus, more and more wineries are making cassis.

Almost 20,000 bottles of artisanal cassis will be sold in the Hudson Valley this year! The Hudson Valley is the number one producer of artisanal cassis in North America and the Western Hemisphere. All of these are handmade wines, crafted by gifted artisans, and experiencing explosive growth. Word is getting out.
Cassis (or black currant wines and cordials) are traditionally used to make Kir and Kir Royale, one of the most classic cocktails in the world. But cassis is also excellent as an ingredient in many other drinks. It’s also a fabulous dessert wine, that pairs incredibly well with chocolate. And of course, cassis is great to sip on all by itself.

Hudson Valley Cassis producers include:
Adair Vineyards
Brookview Station Winery
Clinton Vineyards
Glorie Farm Winery
Hudson-Chatham Winery
Tousey Winery
Tuthilltown Spirits
Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery

This new website includes profiles and links to all the producers, current articles about Hudson Valley cassis from the press, more than 50 cassis cocktails, as well as all the news going on in the Hudson Valley about cassis, including new products and upcoming events.

As if that wasn't enough proof that cassis is hotter than ever, check out the cover story of the current issue of Hudson Valley Wine magazine - KEEPING IT CURRANT by J. Stephen Casscles!

In the new issue of Hudson Valley Wine magazine, J. Stephen Casscles writes on cassis. The history of the fruit in the Valley as well as how to make are both covered in the piece.

Remember to check out the Hudson Valley Cassis website:

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