Friday, September 07, 2012


Expansion continues to be the theme of the Hudson Valley. In the last 36 months numerous wineries in the valley have expanded their facilities, whether in their tastingrooms or in their production areas, to handle increasing demand. The recent additions at Glorie Farm Winery shows that the trend is not losing momentum!

In a recent visit, Doug and MaryEllen Glorie showed me their new tasting room area under construction. While the finishing touches aren't quite where they want them, the room is ready, when necessary, to handle the overflow crowd when the need arises. A large and long temporary bar has been put in place, and the new room is larger than the original tastingroom. With lots of windows to look out their spectacular view as you sample the farm's wines in a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

But that isn't all! Doug and MaryEllen unvieled their new logo. It's already on their glasses and emblazoned on t-shirts, etc. It's everywhere...and it's great! This new logo will be on all their premium estate wines, signaling that you are drinking their very best wines.

It occurs to me now that I have a lot of pictures of Doug, who is not the prettier of this dynamic duo, but I didn't have any of MaryEllen from this trip. We'll have to fix that next time!

Now of course, while I was there, I had to taste something! So there is was.....Synergy with the new logo blaring on the label. Synergy is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. While their new winemaker Kristop Brown didn't make the individual wines, he was there to put the final product together. And the impact is instant.

The new Synergy 2010 is fantastic, and easily becomes the shining new star of the Glorie line! An extremely sophisticated wine, with notes of dark cherry, dark raspberry, a hint of leather and mocha and a wisp of vanilla. A wonderful wine!

Another great step forward for the Hudson Valley!