Friday, August 10, 2012

Jersey Red and Jersey White Front and Center (NJ)

Alright, a couple of caveats: 1. I don't normally drink, nor to I promote semi-sweet reds. I am a snob. Done. 2. I gotta give props to Wegmans in New Jersey. While they only carry 20 East Coast quality wines (including Dr. Frank and Anthony Road) in a 10,000 sku store, they made a statement by putting in a huge display. Gotta give credit where it's due.

OK, so I was in New Jersey, in the Wegmans (my favorite grocery store) in Freehold, when I walked into the wine shop there, and was confronted by a huge display of Jersey Red and Jersey White.

Jersey Red is a semi-sweet red made from Concord grapes, the smae grapes many manufacturers use to make grape jam and grape juice. The idea is to drink the wine chilled...perfect for barbecue, nachos, and other fun summer time foods. Great for sangria too!

Jersey White is a blend of white grapes to make a fun, fruity semi-sweet white. The nose is vibrant of ripe yellow peaches & crisp red delicious apples. Flavors of fresh summer fruits, orange peel come through. This is a bright, refreshing wine perfect for summer sipping, chilled of course. Great with summer foods as well, nachos, cheese, and grilled chicken, etc. Also great for sangria!

Congrarts to the folks at Heritage Station winery for this break through...and some fun summer wine!