Friday, August 24, 2012

Coffee Pot Merlot 2008 (NY)

So last night I came home, my usual time around 8pm, and my wife decided we would have broiled lamb chops (the grill needs to be repaired - this weekend's chore). She also made a mean pot of ratitouille, one of the dishes she is remarkably good at, and which I love, heaped upon with garlic and salt and pepper.

For this lovely repast, I wanted something a little different. By that, I mean a wine I had never tried before. There has been a wine I have been dying to try, but it's not always that easy. But this decision was....Coffee Pot Merlot 2008.

Coffee Pot Cellars is the new-ish label of longtime, well regared Long Island winemaker Adam Suprenant. Adam is a familiar name among Long Island winemakers, as he has and continues to be the winemaker for over ten years at Osprey's Dominion. There his wines have garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim. A quick sweep of the internt includes fans like Howard G. Goldberg of the New York Times, Lenn Thompson of New York Cork Report, and Michael Gorton Jr. of Undertaking Wine. He has garnered such fans at Osprey with a slew of brilliant whites, incredible, well balanced dessert wines, and some nice, smooth reds.

Adam founded the label in 2008. The brand is the namesake of the lighthouse just off Orient Point which stands at the eastern most tip of the North Fork.

Coffee Pot Cellars purchases grapes from several exclusive North Fork vineyards. No surprise, he custom crushes the fruit at Osprey’s Dominion. He makes approximately 750 cases of wine a year. He makes four wines - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and a Meritage blend.

The wiens are available in a number of wine shops through out Long Island and New York City. The wines can also be purchased at The Winemaker's Studio out on the North Fork.

So while I heard the snap, crackle, pot of the the chops sizzling under the open flame of the broiler, I removed the capsule and uncorked this new red beast. Very excited. The grapes for Coffee Pot Merlot 2008 come from McCullough’s vineyard in Aquebogue. So this is a single varietal from a single vineyard.

The wine was dark and impressive in the glass. Black cherry, plum, and cocoa and other spices swirled inside the bowl of the glass. A little vanilla wafted over the rim. Those same flavors came through on the palate. Lovely fruit up front, with lower than expected acidity, and nice, well balanced tannins. Thsi is a very smooth, medium-bodied red. Really quite wonderful and impressive. A sure sign we both liked it, we both sat there talking and drinking long past the finishing of the lamb chops until the bottle was done. Sumptuous. Delicious. The more I drank this wine the more I liked it. You gotta have this!

This sampling only made me want to try more Coffee Pot wines, and made me think it's time to go back to Osprey Dominion's tastingroom as well.

Adam, fantastic stuff!