Friday, August 17, 2012

Asimov Names 4 New York Wines in Best US Values

Eric Asimov highlighted four New York state wines in a top 12 US values column in the New York Times.

Lieb Family Cellars North Fork of Long Island Pinot Blanc 2009, $19
What is it about pinot blanc? It would be easy to dismiss this wine as nondescript, as it doesn’t offer a cornucopia of fruity adjectives in a glass. Yet it is simply delicious: dry and creamy with lightly herbal, mineral flavors. The texture draws you in.

Hermann J. Wiemer Finger Lakes Dry Riesling 2011, $17
The label says “Dry Riesling,” but in fact it’s slightly sweet, like an old-school German kabinett riesling from the days before global warming. Nonetheless, it’s superb, with deep three-dimensional flavors, tangy and lightly fruity.

Ravines Finger Lakes Dry Riesling 2011, $15
A perfect contrast to the off-dry Hermann J. Wiemer style. The Ravines Dry Riesling is truly dry and intensely mineral, succulent and lip-smacking. A great house white.

Lenz North Fork of Long Island Merlot 2007, $15
I keep hearing that merlot is making a comeback. If more merlots tasted like Lenz’s, perhaps it never would have left. The ’07 is plummy, earthy and balanced, dry, lively and pleasing.

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