Sunday, July 01, 2012

Heavy Seas Classic Lager (MD)

Heavy Seas is a brewery in the Baltimore area. While having crabs at Bo Brooks restaurant, I had two of these. It was crispand refreshing, with a nice fresh hoppiness at the end. Went wonderfully with food. A thirst quencher for sure.

Heavey Seas/Dubbel was founded by Hugh Sisson. In the 1980s he had dreams of becoming an actor, but his father tossed him the keys to a brew tavern in the Baltimore area, and said, "Don't f#@k up!" and walked away. Excited by the renaissance happening in Baltimore at the mid-to-late 19080s, Hugh set sail to make beer and join in! In 1994 he founded Clipper City Brewing, later absorbing another brewery, and founding the Heavy Seas line.

There was no real plan, but the line of Heavy Seas beers became increasingly popular, and so Heavy Seas became one of the flagship brands. Hugh in the meantime has been, since the mid-1980s heavilly involved in the politics of beer, spending lots of time in the state capital helping to influence the legislation of the industry in that state. He is also recognized as an expert in the field of beer, having hosted more than 500 beer dinners, and regularly asked to speak at numerous events and spends a lot fo time with the press.

Heavy Seas has three ines of beers: Pyrate Fleet (year round brews); Clipper (session beers); and Mutiny Fleet (large bottled beer...creative, bold beers meant to impress). But the Classic Lager impressed well enough! Wonderful!