Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fiore Cabernet Franc 2007 (MD)

I have known Mike Fiore for a while now. And I have been a fan even longer. Because of other responsibilities during the week and on the weekend, I haven't been down to his winery in a while, but that doesn't stop me from buying his wines and tasting them.

Mike is one of the most ubiquitous presences in east coast winemaking. I see Mike at every winery conference I've ever been to. And everywhere, he is holding court. Mike is always surrounded by people. With his big, booming voice, and wonderful personality, Mike entertains, educates, and opines freely. And his wisdom, stories, and opinions are welcomed, indeed sought out.

Mike and his wife Rose have built their winery from a small tastingroom, in sleepy backwater Maryland into a winery and istillery, with a popular wedding venue. They are a destination....and a popular one at that. They went from 1,500 gallons to 35,000 gallons. It didn't happen over night. And it wasn't easy. But Mike and Rose are one of the forces behind Maryland wine, and one of the contingents that have helped to spawn the east coast wine growth.

While at Eastern Wineries Expo 2012, I saw Mike again. We talked about a lot of things. We laughed, we ground our teeth. But on the night they awarded long time east coast wine journalist Hudson Catell with a lifetime achievement award I tasted Mike's 2007 Cabernet Franc.

This is an estate grown Cabernet Franc. Unfiltered. This wine is a lovely dark red garnet color. Lots of ripes dark fruits, like black cherry and nice dark round plum. A slightly spicy finish with pepper and some other spices. This is sophisticated wine with nice fruit, decent acidity, and well balanced tannins. A very nice cabernet franc.

Mike, you've done it again! Bona fortuna!