Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Elk Run Just Keeps on Going! (MD)

There are a lot of newbies in Maryland these days who are deservedly getting more press. But of course, you have to respect the established's easy to have a great vintage every once in a while, the the real opros are the ones who do it year in and year out. After 33 years of growing classic European varietals, Elk Run Vineyards has produced over 600 national and international award winners.

Elk Run Vineyards is nestled in the rolling hills of Frederick County surrounded by dairy and horse farms and fields of wheat and corn. The name “Elk Run” was chosen for a stream. The deed name to the property is the “Resurvey of Cold Friday.” It was a land grant from the King of England to Lord Baltimore. The winemaker’s home is circa 1756. Since 1983 Fred and Carol Wilson and Neill Bassford have made Elk Run a shining star of east coast wineries.

For whites and dessert wines, there are few better wineries in Maryland or the mid-Atlantic than Elk Run!

But you can teach an old dog, new tricks. Elk Run’s Reds have been showing extremely well this season. The 2012 competitions have yielded the following medals thus far:

The Beverage Testing Institute International Competition
2010 Pinot Noir
2010 Maryland Merlot
2010 Cabernet Franc

The International Tasters Guild Competition
2010 Syrah
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon
2010 Cabernet Franc
2010 Pinot Gris
2010 Riesling

The 2011 World Wine Competition
2010 Cold Friday Chardonnay, Best Buy
2010 Liberty Tavern Chardonnay

Congrats to the pros at Elk Run!