Sunday, June 17, 2012

BensBrew Keeping Biere (NY)

A friend of mine, Byran Van Dusen, brought me a jug of BensBrew "K" from the Schenectady Farmer's Market.

BENsBREW began in Saratoga Springs, New York, when a microbiology student discovered his life's passion: making great beer. According to Ben's website, "Like many early-stage relationships, it involved a lot of experimentation, some self-discovery, and more than one explosion — but he soon realized that making beer was one of the loves of his life (the other one's named Sarah; he married her in 2010). Ben graduated and moved to New York City to do a Ph.D in genetics, but he couldn't get beer off his mind. So he quit — and set up shop on the site of an old dairy in Garrattsville, New York (the 100-acre plot around the brewery is still an active farm to this day).
BENsBREW is what happens when a scientist by training becomes a farmer-brewer by vocation. Which is why the same three things go into every single batch of BENsBREW: malt, hops and love."

BensBrew brews at Butternuts Brewery in Garrattsville, New York. Butternuts is also home to Pork Slap and other great beers, but each batch of BENsBREW is made by hand by Ben himself. The Brewery is on the site of an old dairy farm (there are still chickens out back), and so Ben and his crew make sure to employ ingredients and techniques that are true to the farmhouse culture (pun intended) that inspires BENsBREW. They use direct-fired kettles and an open-fermentation process that lend their beer unmistakable character and natural complexity.

There are two beers they currently make.....I got The Keeping Biere.

This is a farmhosue styled beer, originally brewed by farmers making beer that would keep throughout the winter. Each batch is made by hand. This version is a malt-forward brown ale — the natural sweetness of the malt balanced by a surprising dryness and earthiness in the yeast and the hops.

This was a delicious beer. Lots of flavor and exceptional to drink. Loved it!