Thursday, May 03, 2012

Boordy White Riesling 2002 (MD)

This is another tasting of older eastcoast wine. One in a series.

So, while I'm on a Philip Wagner rant, I dedcided to open a really old bottle of Boordy White Riesling 2002. Boordy Vineyards is one of the oldest wineries in Maryland, and was originated by the great winemaker and wine writer Philip Wagner. It has been own by the Deford family since 1985. I bought the wine back when I was writing my book, which I pubbed in 2005. I bought this at the 2003 Maryland WIne fest in September of that year.

The irony of course is that Wagner was a promoter of hybrid grapes, and here we were with a White Riesling in hand. And from 2002 no less. A ten year old bottle of Maryland wine?

Dominique and I were looking for something quaffable when I found this bottle in the back of the wine/beer fridge. How long had it been in there? We had it with carrots and ranch dressing and large chunks of swiss cheese and crackers. Not exactly a gourmet environment.

But I have to tell you that that wine held up beautifully. Fresh as the day it was bottled, it had an incredibly fragrant nose, and a nice balanced acidity. Green apple, melon, honey and apricot all acame across beautifully, as well a honeysuckle and alovely almost citrus ending. A wonderful surprise!