Friday, March 16, 2012

Seven Mountains Ten Point (PA)

Never heard of Seven Mountains? Well, if you live anywhere else besides Pennsylvania, get in line. But if you live in Pennsylvania, you must be living under a rock. Seven Mountains Wine Cellars has been on a massive roll, winning two Governor's Cups at the 2011 PA Farm Show and also taking home a third Governor's Cup at the 2012 PA Farm Show giving them Back to Back Governor's Cups!

Scott Bubb, the winemaker and co-owner along with his wife, is a Mifflin County native and still lives close by in southern Centre County. Born in Lewistown, he grew up in Lumber City (a suburb of Reedsville), and graduated from Kishacoquillas High School in 1974. At the age of 17 he started a nearly 35-year career in manufacturing at New Holland in Belleville, Pennsylvania.

In October 2007, the announcement came that corporate management decided to close the Belleville plant. After hearing the bitter-sweet news, Scott decided to pursue the career that he longed for. He would leave the world of amateur winemaking, go professional, and open a winery with his wife Mary Ann.

Winemaking has been a part of Scott’s life since 1976. He made his first wine from Concord grapes that he picked from his Aunt Sylvia’s backyard. This first try wasn’t what he had hoped for, but it wasn’t all that bad either. Since that day, he has had a strong passion, almost an obsession, with trying to produce the highest quality wine that he possibly can. His Father once told him “If the job isn’t worth doing right, it’s not worth doing at all.” He has lived by that advice for many years.

He has garnered many awards at both regional and national Amateur Wine Competitions, and in 2008 when he decided to make the move to commercial wine making, he was ranked 12th on the American Wine Society's list of the top 50 Amateur Winemakers in the United States.

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars is located between Lewistown and State College, Pennsylvania, in Spring Mills, Pennsylvania.

Recently I tried their Ten Point is a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This was a big lush wine, with exceptional garnet color and ripe red cherry and soft dark raspberry, with a hint of cassis and a whiff of vanilla. The wine was very drinkable, with nice acids, and relatively soft tannins.

What a nice surprise, and what a sophisticated wine. Defintely can be counted among the better red blends of the east coast. Another blue ribbon for Scott Bubb and Seven Mountains!