Monday, March 19, 2012

Michael Stephen Kavic 2008 Merlot (PA)

Michael and Patricia Kavic have known each other along time. Since their college days. Michael completed medical school and became a general surgeon. His wife, Patricia Fleck Kavic, who is a registered nurse, completed graduate studies in social work and practiced in the field.

Together, they started Michael Stephen Kavic Winery. Patricia's brother, Patrick J. Fleck, Jr., joined them last year as Manager of Operations at the Winery.

The winery is urban, located within 10 minutes of downtown Pittsburgh. All their grapes are locally grown, using local labor and local products. Their own vineyard, under development, will be within 5 miles of the winery. Until then, they make wine with the grapes they can get.

Michael and Patricia Kavic make quality wines. I had the oppotunity to try their 2008 Merlot New York. The grapes were grown in New York. But the wine was made in Pennsylvania.

The merlot was a dark, dry red wine. The nose was pregnant with plum, ripe cherries, and a hint of chocolate. The fruit on the palate was defintely cherries, plum, and again the subtle hint of mocha. The fruit and acids were balanced, and the finish was soft with low tannins.

Very nice. Congrats to Michael, Patricia, and Patrick and everyone at Michael Step
hen Kavic Winery!