Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Maryland Wine Industry Grew 11.6% in 2011

The Office of the Comptroller’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Annual Report shows that the wineries of Maryland sold 181,000 more bottles of wine in 2011 than 2010; an 11.6% increase. Wineries increased their share of the state wine market to 2.38% and total sales came in at over $19 million dollars for the year.

The industry maintained momentum after the last two years' legislative changes, such as the passage of both the Winery Modernization Bill and the Direct Shipping Bill.

“This industry grows more than just good wine," said Comptroller Peter Franchot. "It promotes agriculture, tourism and land preservation, all while adding to the state’s bottom line through job creation and tax revenue.”

Industry programs like Maryland Wine Week and new events such as Decanter and Eat•Drink•Go LOCAL create opportunities for Marylanders and wine lovers from outside the state.

“Wine and culinary tourism is one of the top reasons people travel, and Maryland's wineries are no exception," said Hannah Byron, Assistant Secretary of Maryland's Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts. "With over 50 wineries, five wine trails and many events throughout the year, visitors from around the world travel to this region to uncork a bottle in Maryland."

“This is further proof that agriculture is a growing industry in Maryland, creating high-quality jobs to support the state’s rural economy,” said Maryland Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance.

“The Maryland Wineries Association is thrilled about the industry growth in 2011,” said Dick Seibert, president of the Maryland Wineries Association. “This growth indicates that more Marylanders are eating, drinking and choosing local businesses and products. This growth also shows that wineries are economic engines that create jobs.”

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