Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Jersey Wineries Need Your Help Now....

New Jersey Wineries and Silver Decoy Winery need your help!

The future of NJ wineries is at risk. We are threatened with the loss of our sales outlets. This includes our tasting room, as well as the storefronts and BYOB restaurants where customers can buy NJ wines. Without these sales outlets, Silver Decoy and every other small winery throughout the state cannot survive.

The NJ Senate recently passed Bill S-3172 to preserve our outlets, and to permit shipping of wine from wineries in- and out-of-state to consumers like you. This legislation will save NJ agricultural jobs and allow the state's fastest growing tourism attraction to continue bringing tourism dollars to our state. In addition, the Bill will not hurt the retail sector, as the shipping will only apply to small wineries that produce less than 250,000 gallons per year. To move forward, this Bill must now pass an Assembly vote. We hope the Assembly will vote for Assembly Bill A-4436 on January 9th, but we have met with stiff resistance.

We are asking you to please reach out to your Assembly Person (click here for contact info) to ask them to vote Yes on Bill A-4436. Like so many wineries across the state, we have invested countless hours into building our winery into a place that New Jerseyans can take pride in . . . a fun place to spend an afternoon with friends and family, where the beauty and bounty of the Garden State are evident, and where the quality of the wine rivals that of wine regions across the globe.

Please make your voice heard, and ensure a future for New Jersey's wineries! An email is great, a phone call is even better!

Please see the Wine Spectator articles and NJ Star Ledger editorial below for more information:




With our sincerest gratitude,

Todd Abrahams, Brian Carduner, Mark Carduner, Russell Forman, Jerry Watlington

Partners, Silver Decoy Winery