Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rappahannock Viognier 2000 Tremendous!

This is not the first time I've written about Rappahannock Cellars. Remember this family? They moved from California to Virginia? This is one of the most fascinating stories out there. On the other hand, nice story or not, you need to make good wine. Hopefully great wine.

Well, a friend of mine, Steve Casscles, and I went down to the wine cellar the other day and decided to do something a little different. He was in the mood for an older east coast white....what did I have down in the basement? So down we went and looked through the old, dusty collection I have down there.

I was happy to try and meet the challenge, because I have been trying to drink some of my older east coast wines to see how they hold up. So far, there were many pleasant surprises.

And there among the bottles was a 2000 Viognier from Rappahannock.

I wasn't sure. I mean, how many people actually drink an 11 year old wine, let alone an 11 year old white?

We got the shock of our lives. We poured the wine anxiously into some Riedel glasses. We figured, if the the wine was good, it deserved the glass.

Wow! The nose was overwhelming - dried apricot, honey, mango, and very strong. It smelled like a great sauterne! And then we tasted. Even bigger wow! All the same flavors came through but the wine was as dry as could be. It was one of the most incredible white wine experiences I could imagine!

We ate goat cheese and french bread at the kitchen table among the opened and unopened mail in our cluttered country house. The cats were wlking around. The kids were racing through the kitchen yelling "Dude" to each other abd raiding the fridge. Steve and I just ripped off big piece of bread, and ate the cheese and drank the wine.

Viongier is a tremendous gift from Virginia to the the rest of the US. The viogniers from this region obviously hold up. adly, it only took us about 20 or so minutes to finnish the bottle. Kinda sad. But these things don' last forever, and the day had to move on. Worst part was my wife threw out the bottle before I could photograph it!! Lol!!

Hats off to the Delmare family! Congrats ona tremendous wine! A great wine! And congrats to Virginia as well!