Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silver Mountain Raspberry Apple Wine (NH)

So, on my way to Maine, I stopped at the New Hampshire state liquor store that's a mile or so from the border, where half the people traveling the highway stop at on their way to the Vacation state (maine).

I haven't been up this way in some time, so I thought I would buy some New Hampshire wines and ciders to review.

One of the wineries I came across was Silver Mountain Ciders made in Lempster, NH.

According to Freda Mooncotch, The Wine Wench, "Steve Miner and his wife Cindy Brzezinski started their business five years ago, when Miner lost his job, and developed medical problems. He knew it would be difficult to find work, so he decided to start his own business Wine and cider making was something Steve did all his life as a hobby and he started buying the equipment he needed off the internet."

We were visiting folks in Maine, and decided to open one of the bottles, after letting it cool off in the refrigerator. I lifted off the bottle cap,, and a lovely "pop!" greeted our ears. We drank the wine with cheese and apples and crackers. It was a perfect pairing.

Sun-ripened raspberries gives way to the lingering taste of autumn apples with a hint of sweetness.

This is a lovely, sparkling wine with lots of flavor, somewhat like a framboise. Really lovely!