Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Pellegrini Vineyards Vintner's Pride Encore 1995

This is another in my reviews of older east coast wines. Some small amount of skepticism remains on whether or not the wines made in New York, Virginia New Jersey, or any place else can be cellared beyond a few years. Here's where we prove them wrong.

The most recent wine had to do with a visit to Pellegrini Vineyards. Pellegrini has some of the oldest vineyards on the North Fork. And I have had several older Pellegrini's which have held up very, very well. Well, here's another.

I walked in to do a normal tasting of wines at Pellegrini. I worked my way through the number of new wines currently available.

The 2006 Vinter's Pride Petite Verdot stood out immediately, with big fruit, great flavor, low acids and low tannins. A fantastic wine!

The 2005 Vinter's Pride Merlot was also very, very good, with cherries, raspberries, a hint of tobacco, and a tremendous mouth feel.

The 2007 Vinterner's Pride Encore was also excellent. A blend of estate reds, this deep red wine offered currants and cranberries as advertised, with great balance of acidity and tannin. A wonderful wine as well.

But I was intrigued by a display I saw and a sign advertising a 1995 Vinter's Pride Encore. It was wine that was for sale. The staff had found cases of the wine downstairs, and were selling it in the tastingroom. I of course was intrigued, and asked for a taste...and I was not disappointed.

The smell first was of stewed red fruits like strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, a hint of plum and prune as well. Also, there were some dusty leaves, like fall on a forest floor in autumn, which I found very attractive, and the slightest whiff of tomato.

The taste was all red fruits, as the nose had promised, as well as tomato and tobacco. This was an incredibly rich and complex wine with tremendous flavor and character. The flavors had melded beautifully. This was what old Bordeauxs tasted like.

If you want to taste something really special, and buy a bottle or two, you should race over to Pellegrini right now and try this incredible, delicious wine experience before it';s all gone. Supplies, predictably, are limited.

And to any skeptics that may remain, I bet you the cost of the bottle you will be pleasantly surprised.